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Mechatronics Trainers

Our range of products include Mechatronics Trainers such as Automatic Door Closing & Opening Trainer, Coin Counter Trainer, Oil And Water Separator Trainer, Lift Simulator Trainer, Bottle Filling Trainer, Water Level Control Trainer - PLC Based and many more items.

Lift Simulator Trainer

Item Code: PCST-11

PLC based lift simulator gives an idea regarding usage of programmable logic controllers in industrial application.

Water Level Control Trainer - PLC BASED (OPTIONAL)

Item Code: PCST-12

PLC Based Water Level Control Module gives an idea regarding the usage of Programming Logic Controllers in an industrial environment; it considers an example of Level Control Process.

Product Features

Pick & Place Trainer

Item Code: SAP-48

The Pick & place robotic application trainer gives provision to interface PLC with two axis displacement and a robotic arm.

Product Features

Range OfExperiments

To pick and place an object from one position to another with the help of PLC ladder program & XY position control module.

Equipment required

Services Required

Single Phase 230 VAC 50 HZ Supply


All descriptive matter and illustrations are intended to give only a general idea of the equipment. Detailed specifications may be altered at the company’s discretion without any notice.

X-Y Control Trainer

Item Code: PCST-45

The X-Y position control system module gives provision to interface PLC with two axis displacement and speed control.

Product Features

Range Of Experiments

To draw straight line, inclined line, Square, Rectangle, Triangle, Hexagon, Pentagon with the help of PLC ladder program & XY position control module.

Rotary table positioning system trainer PLC based (optional)

Item Code: SAP-50

The rotary table positioning system gives provision to position the table with the help of stepper motor and PLC (optional)

Product Features

PLC based universal table

IOT Based industrial process demonstration plant

Item Code: SAP-91

IOT BASED INDUSTRIAL PROCESS DEMONSTRATION PLANT (SAP-91) provides you with the perfect method for teaching automation technology step by step – from simple procedures right through to complex processes based on the principles of Industry 4.0. The modular design is therefore useful for imparting knowledge and practical experience and is equally suitable for initial operational training and advanced technical training. Various functional assemblies(like two belt conveyor beds, stacking assembly, heating module, drilling assembly, weighing platform), a robotic pick & place arm assembly and two control systems (PLCs) are mounted on the mobile powder coated metal trolleys. This configuration allows the user to implement various automated processes. The processes undergone by the work pieces are controlled by the Barcode labels put on the work pieces which are read by barcode scanners. One section of the system can be removed to reduce the overall process. The whole process data is locally monitored on HMI’s, stored on local computer system as well as uploaded on cloud & can be remotely accessed for DATA ANALYSYS for OPTIMAL PLANT OPERATION thereby increasing productivity, Efficiency & profitability.



Automation Equipment ofMobile Skill Development Vehicle

Item Code: SAP-93

The applications and working modules of PLCs which are hooked up with Automation Equipment for ‘Mobile Skill Development Vehicle’ (SAP-93) gives an idea regarding the basics of Programmable Logic Controllers & its applications. It’s a mobile unit needs to be mount on a VAN or any equivalent vehicle mainly used for providing training on PLC Programming and making aware about Industrial Automation.



SAP Robot Model

Item Code: SAP-48A

The SAP ROBOT MODEL (SAP – 48A) gives provision to interface PLC with 4-Axis robotic arm to Pick and Place an object from one Position to another with help of PLC program and HMI.



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