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Hydraulic Trainer

Offering you a complete choice of products which include Hydraulic Trainers such as Hydraulic Trainer Basic, Electro Hydraulic Trainer, Transparent Hydraulic Components, Electro Hydraulic Trainer PLC Based and Hydraulic Trainer -Advanced.

Electro Hydraulic Trainer

Item Code: SAP38

Electro Hydraulic Trainer outlines the basic Principle of Hydraulic Control System, basic and advanced hydraulic Control System Components & its applications using electronic Proximity position sensor & electro-mechanical actuators (solenoid valves).

Product Features

Transparent Hydraulic Components

Item Code: SAP-67

The setup consists of transparent body (or cut section) of the Hydraulic components which gives idea regarding the internal constructional features of the Hydraulic components.

Following components are included in the trainer:

Electro Hydraulic Trainer PLC Based

Item Code: SAP38B

PLC Based Electro Hydraulic Trainer outlines the basic principle of Hydraulic Control System, Basic & Advanced Hydraulic Control System Components & their applications using PLC, electronic Proximity Position Sensor & Electro Mechanical Actuators (solenoid Valves).

Hydraulic Trainer -Advanced

Item Code: SAP-38A

Advanced Hydraulic Trainer outlines the basic Principle of Hydraulic Control System, Hydraulic Control System Components & its applications. Along with components of Basic Hydraulic Trainer, it consists of additional components like Hydraulic Accumulator, Hydraulic Motor etc. It elaborates different typs of Hydraulic Circuits such as Meter-in Circuit, Meter-out Circuit, Bleed-off Circuit, Transverse and Feed Circuit, Pressure Sequence Valve etc.

Product Features

Advanced Customized Electro Hydraulic Trainer

Item Code: SAP-38 D

Advanced customized Electro-Hydraulic Trainer kit is capable of being used to demonstrate the design, construction and application of electro-hydraulic components and circuits. The components are capable of being mounted on an appropriate profile plate with grooves for secure and flexible positioning so that the components can be clamped firmly, quickly and safely through quick fix adaptors. Industrial components are used in the kit so that the students get hands on practical training in using industrial components.

Product Features

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