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Pneumatic Trainer Kit

Pioneers in the industry, we offer Pneumatic Trainers such as Pneumatic Trainer PLC Based, Pneumatic Trainer, Electro Pneumatic Trainer, Advanced Electro-Pneumatic Trainer and Transparent Pneumatic Components from India.

Pneumatic Trainer

Item Code: SAP-19

Product Features

System Specifications

Double acting cylinder, 3/2 solenoid valve acting cylinder with flow restrictors, Single acting cylinder, Double Pilot operating 5/2 valve(optional), Single solenoid operating 5/2 valve, 5/2 Hand Lever Valve(optional), Pneumatic limit switch (plunger & roller operated) (optional), Push-button 3/2 valves (monostable) (optional), 3/2 Roller Lever Valve(optional), Pneumatic indicators(optional), Air supply manifold, Pneumatic motor, AFR Unit, Profile Plate, Flow Control Valve, Quick Exhaust Valve, T-Connectors, Shuttle Valve (OR Gate), Dual Pressure Valve (AND Gate), Hand Slide Valve, Time Delay Valve( optional) , Quick Connectors, Mounting Plates.

Range Of Experiments

Electro Pneumatic Trainer

Item Code: SAP-20

The basic electro-pneumatic trainer outlines the principle of pneumatic control used in industrial applications. It explains components of pneumatic control system and their applications.

Advanced Electro-Pneumatic Trainer

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