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Pneumatic Trainer Kit

Pioneers in the industry, we offer Pneumatic Trainers such as Pneumatic Trainer PLC Based, Pneumatic Trainer, Electro Pneumatic Trainer, Advanced Electro-Pneumatic Trainer and Transparent Pneumatic Components from India.

Basic/Advanced Pneumatic Trainer Kit

Item Code: SAP-19/19A

Product Features

System Specifications

Double acting cylinder, 3/2 solenoid valve acting cylinder with flow restrictors, Single acting cylinder, Double Pilot operating 5/2 valve(optional), Single solenoid operating 5/2 valve, 5/2 Hand Lever Valve(optional), Pneumatic limit switch (plunger & roller operated) (optional), Push-button 3/2 valves (monostable) (optional), 3/2 Roller Lever Valve(optional), Pneumatic indicators(optional), Air supply manifold, Pneumatic motor, AFR Unit, Profile Plate, Flow Control Valve, Quick Exhaust Valve, T-Connectors, Shuttle Valve (OR Gate), Dual Pressure Valve (AND Gate), Hand Slide Valve, Time Delay Valve( optional) , Quick Connectors, Mounting Plates.

Range Of Experiments

Electro Pneumatic Trainer

Item Code: SAP-20

The basic electro-pneumatic trainer outlines the principle of pneumatic control used in industrial applications. It explains components of pneumatic control system and their applications.

Advanced customized electro-pneumaticTrainer

Advanced Customized Electro Pnematic Trainer (FOR ITI)

Item Code: SAP–20B-I

The components are capable of being mounted on an appropriate profile plate with grooves for secure and flexible positioning so that the components can be clamped firmly, quickly and safely through quick fixadaptors. Industrial components are used in the kit so that the students get hands on practical training inusing industrial components.

System Specifications

Product Features

PLC Based Electro Pneumatic(Color/MOC) Sorting Mechanism(SAP–87P)

Item Code: SAP 87P

PLC Based Electro Pneumatic (Color/MOC) Sorting Mechanism (SAP – 87 P) outlines the basic Principle of Pneumatic Control System & its applications for Sorting Mechanism using PLC, electronic Proximity position sensor & electro-mechanical actuators (solenoid valves).

System Specifications

Product Features

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